About Us

Helix Opportunity is your one-stop-shop, resource, and authority in understanding, and meeting the needs of persons with disabilities as customers, and employees. Capture any market around the world, or remediate any corporate culture to work better together by harnessing our global expertise.

Helix Opportunity is a business and Organizational Development consulting and training firm that provides holistic brand management with respect to the persons with disabilities demographic. We are based in San Francisco, California. Our services invite, attract, and engage the more than $8 trillion consumers with disabilities market, winning and securing their loyalty for your company, over your competitors. On the organizational development side we facilitate appreciative, strengths-minded work environments where employees of all different abilities thrive, and achieve meaningful success, and everyone works better together.

​​He is also Founder & President of Helix Opportunity. David survived a softball size hemorrhagic stroke, from a brain aneurysm, that paralyzed the entire left side of his body, severely damaged his brain, learning & cognitive functioning, and caused him visual perceptual difficulties at the age of 13.

He has regained most of his mobility, after much, intense, dedicated physical therapy. David graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film & Media Studies.

His professional background is deeply rooted in government and regulatory compliance. Mr. Fazio worked for the United States Air Force, as a civil service employee, facilitating the Lean Transformation of a complex, multi-billion dollar, operation.

He also served the American Federation of Government Employees, as a Federal Union Representative. Mr. Fazio litigated complaints of disability discrimination before Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Administrative Judges.

He is passionate about progressing society towards a more inclusive and meaningful relationship with all of humanity and its various forms of different abilities.

David has served on the Board of Directors for the Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Support for Families of Children with Disabilities. He is also a member of the Bay Area Water Trail Accessibility Advisory Subcommittee.

David is a Professional Public Speaker. He routinely gives presentations to the Financial Services Industry, the Global Travel & Tourism Community, the Information Technology Sector, and Corporate America (some videos available on YouTube).

You may contact Mr. Fazio, with requests for public speaking, through Helix Opportunity.​


Helix Opportunity exists to bring mutually beneficial meaning to the lives of both the business community and persons with disabilities, in the consumer market, as well as in the workplace. Our mission is to teach organizations how to Define & Design, with a provocative purpose, eliminating the unintentional stigmatization of persons by their different abilities. There is money to be made by including customers with disabilities in meaningful experiences that we can share in, together, with our families and friends. There is innovation waiting to take place by empowering employees with disabilities to achieve meaningful success, in a corporate culture that looks towards building on strengths, while encouraging everyone to work better together. 


Our proprietary programs, and services, are the only of their kind, built out of a solid scientific foundation to have a meaningful impact on your customers and employees. Ultimately, our goal is to facilitate “Harmony at Work,” and empower customers and employees with meaningful satisfaction, in their work, and in their consumer livelihood. Helix Opportunity is the vision of David Fazio, come to fruition. It has been developed out of two decades of experience in successfully living with multiple disabilities, and remaining present, and active in the global disability community.

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