Helix Opportunity pushes out messages that attract, invite, and emotionally engage consumers with disabilities, our family members, and friends, from a strengths, intellectual, humorous, and attractive standpoint. We get sales results with powerful, intelligent, successful, and sexy marketing campaigns that attract, invite and engage the disability demographic, by validating us in the mainstream.

Helix Opportunity’s marketing services are a well-executed investment that pays for itself in sales and brand reinforcement. We unearth and activate buyers, convincing and motivating them to buy your products and services, visit your physical and virtual locations, even use your mobile applications.

Your brand looks good. You are happy with your customer promise. Now you need to promote it, your products, services, even locations.  But, What do we look like to you? what do you really think of us? What does your advertising say to us? And… how are you marketing to us?

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Do you really understand how consumers with disability perceive your marketing efforts? The complex social phenomenon of disability has profound implications on how you should be marketing to our demographic.

​Consumers with disabilities, our family members, and friends, don’t want to hear about your goodwill to make your products, environments, and services “accessible” to all people. Nor do we want you to continuously throw it in our face that you believe it’s “the right thing to do.” We are tired of being a charitable cause, and philanthropic activity. The success of your marketing campaigns is contingent on a fresh, bold approach.