Business Development Training

Learn how to “Define” the Provocative Purpose of your environments, products, and services, then “Design” them to invite attract, and engage, consumers of all different abilities, backgrounds, cultures, and native languages, in the same way.

Learn how to achieve “Harmony at Work,” and deliver meaningful experiences to your customers, designed with a provocative purpose. “Harmony at Work” Training covers the individual and statistical data points that make the business case to target consumers with disabilities as your most lucrative consumer market. You will learn all about various forms of different abilities, along with our proprietary, scientific, method to deliver meaningful experiences that forge stronger neural, and emotional connections with your customers, impressing long-lasting, powerful, memories on them.

In the end you will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the consumers with disabilities market. You will be able carefully craft meaningful, and articulate, experiences that attract, invite, and engage consumers with disabilities, our family members, and our friends. You will win our loyalty and gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

Harmony at Work training includes land-use and physical building development, as well as web, and Information Communication Technology (ICT) development. Every company must be more than just cognizant of these intersecting industries. You must be savvy in integrating them, if you are to be truly successful.

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