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The world's most lucrative, untapped, consumer market awaits to be meaningfully engaged.

Learn what it takes to captivate consumers with disabilities, our family members, and friends, and transcend from marketplace competitor to industry leader.

Helix Opportunity helps companies create meaningful experiences by defining the provocative purpose of your products, services, physical and virtual environments, then designing them to engage customers of all different abilities, cultures, backgrounds, and native languages so that they share in experiencing that purpose, together, in the same way. We call it “Harmony at Work”.

Helix Opportunity customizes creative branding and marketing strategies that recognize, value, and resonate with, the consumers with disabilities marketplace.   ​

Helix Opportunity develops business strategies, products, services, physical and virtual environments that invite, attract, and engage the more than 3 billion person, $8 trillion consumers with disabilities market.

Consumers with disabilities represent more than 1 billion customers, alone, with more than $1 trillion dollar in annual discretionary income. Adding in their families and friends amounts to over 2 billion more customers with an excess of $7 trillion more in annual discretionary income, globally. That is because market segmentation studies reveal that the buying experiences of consumers with disabilities largely affects the buying decisions of our family members and friends. 

Most companies are failing to include this loyal customer base in their revenue stream. well meaning attempts to approach the consumers with disabilities market typically manifest in a misguided focused on “the right thing to do”. Such as equal employment opportunity hiring of employees with disabilities, supporting disability-related charities, other philanthropic activities and incorporating accessibility features, both physically and virtually.

Research demonstrates that none of those activities make persons with disabilities feel recognized, and valued, as customers, nor do they drive customers with disabilities, our family members, or friends, to choose your business over your competitors. What customers with disabilities really want is an exceptional, what we call a meaningful, customer experience that we can share in, together, with our family members and friends, in the same way.