Economic Development

Transform your local, national, regional, and global disability inclusion efforts into a catalyst for economic Boom!

Helix Opportunity works in collaboration with governments, public, and private business, non-profit, and community, stakeholders to develop and implement strategic Plans, Impact Studies, Capacity Building and more.

We work in collaboration with stakeholders to transform the human rights issue of disability inclusion into a lucrative catalyst for economic boom. Helix Opportunity develop strategic plans, conduct impact studies, and provide capacity building around disability inclusion in education, employment, the consumer marketplace, and all other aspects of society.


People, governments, public, private and community organizations need to understand the economic development potential of disability inclusion, and how to maximize it, in order to remove obstacles that inhibit the inclusion of persons with disabilities in mainstream society.

We enhance local, regional, national, and global capabilities that empower stakeholders to achieve measurable and sustainable results by communicating strengths-based strategies that highlight the economic driving power of this overlooked community. Helix Opportunity provides outreach to strengthen business industry, government sector, and market sector skills, competencies and abilities to serve disability inclusion. At the same time we provide cultural transformation to dispel centuries old rhetoric that tends to prevent persons with disabilities from participating in societies.


Impact Studies – Helix Opportunity Identifies, and defines, economic development objectives unique to a specific locality’s, nations, or region’s, disability community. We carefully consider which impact indicators will be most useful to measure the success of each objective. Our process reveals what evidence is vital to collect to illuminate the chosen impact indicators and how to collect it. This process informs our decisions on how to use that evidence to enhance services and power sustainability.

Helix Opportunity provides a clear focus on what is manageable and achievable within available resources. We also assist our clients in identifying and attracting additional financing, tangible, and service oriented resources. We derive focal points from on what is known from the research evidence about what, when, how, and why each objective can make a difference. This aligns themes for impact assessment with more effective tiered objectives and priorities. Our impact objectives are determined by asking what will inform us that the change we want to see has occurred.

We employ a rigorous application of social science research methods based on observation, asking questions and inferring change from review of social and economic activity. This calls for qualitative baseline impact evidence to enable judgements to be made about progress over time. The impact indicators generated through this type of process can be as broad or as narrow as the vision of our client stakeholders.


Strategic Planning – We work with our clients to identify key stakeholders, assign them objectives, and outline their roles. Our strategic plans begin with taking an appreciative look at the current successes of a given locale, region, or nation. We identify the industries and economic sectors that are thriving, and build upon their success by attracting, and meaningfully engaging, the more than $8 trillion global market of consumers with disabilities.

This drives policy, service, and infrastructure innovations that catalyze local consumers with disabilities, and visitors (tourists). This approach transforms cultural perceptions of disabled persons from a helpless poverty-stricken community to an independent, and economically self-sufficient community that is “capable”.

Helix Opportunity focuses on strengthening existing economic success and revitalizing dormant economies by activating the economic self-sufficiency of persons with disabilities, so that they too can spend money in the local, regional, and national marketplace?

We focus on improving quality of life for both today and in the long term by defining the community’s economic vision, mission and goals for sustainable economic growth. This involves creating a working plan with milestones and deadlines. Helix Opportunity analyzes and interprets economic and demographic data based on research, analysis and forecasting — similar to an investor in the stock market. We take the natural assets of the community or region into consideration to develop realistic goals for economic development. Similar to a product analysis, we investigate the community or region, and look into its its past, present and future.

This reveals the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and potential problems. We are always current in future market trends and industry advances, and how they will influence our goals. Helix Opportunity is a stalwart believer in integrating our research and analysis with public input and dialogue that includes the disability community, themselves.

We define success factors that rely on disability inclusion activities, investments, and programs, that increase employment, improve job quality and boost the overall business climate.


Capacity Building – Dispel centuries old rhetoric that’s still influencing mindsets, and stifling, disability inclusion efforts in every aspect of society. Embrace a cultural transformation powered by empirical data, real world examples, and a 21st century approach.

Policy – Laws, rules, and regulations protect people. They don’t necessarily drive change. Not unless they’re developed with an appreciative strengths-based approach that reiterates the overall community impact. Develop and implement policy that communicates the evolution of a society, and thrive with progress.

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