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Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is critical to successfully achieving diversity and inclusion, in your workforce. Feeling “well” at work leads to positive, strengths-minded attitudes that are open to the infinity of possibility. Empower your employees to work better together by providing services that support a healthy work-life.

Helix Opportunity designs and administers employee benefits packages that are both cost effective, and benefit rich, so that companies can care for their employees health, well being, and future life planning. This is a cost free service that is provided to businesses, at no charge to the company. The carriers themselves pay us to do it, and it does not effect your premiums.

Employee Benefits Packages

Helix Opportunity works with all of the major medical benefit providers in the United States to customize health & wellness programs that keep your workforce healthy and strong in body, mind, and soul. A healthier workforce works better together. This includes those standard medical dental, and vision options, as well as more comprehensive coverages such as disability insurance that includes an Employee Assistance Program, as well as, expenses to cover reasonable accommodation. We make sure that your employees are taken care of when they exit the workforce by designing 401(k), retirement plans that will provide a comfortable cushion for those years to come.

Employee Benefits Administration

Many companies have been around for years, and already offer employee benefits packages that they are content with. Helix Opportunity provides cost free benefits administration of these health, and 401(k) retirement plans, to alleviate the workload from your already strained Human Resources staff.

Show your employees just how much you care about their well-being, and encourage them to care about each other, through Helix Opportunity’s Health & Wellness services.

A healthy work-life brings balance and “Harmony at Work,” empowering all employees to thrive and achieve meaningful success. Illness is a major proponent of disability. Addiction, viral and genetic disease, bacteria and many other physical and mental ailments can often be effectively treated, early on, to prevent the onset of a debilitating disability. This can be done through a health-oriented Employee Assistance Program, and adequate healthcare coverage.
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