Organizational Development Staffing

Helix Opportunity Apprenticeship Program (HOAP)

An organization is only as good as the employees working in it. Helix Opportunity manages an array of programs to maintain a healthy work-life balance for all employees to thrive both on and off the job.

​​Helix Opportunity recognizes the universal demand for world-class talent and leadership in every organization. We manage the search and facilitate the process of staffing qualified candidates with different abilities in every job category, in every industry. HOAP fulfills a widespread need to develop skills of qualified candidates with disabilities in career fields they’re interested in, while providing companies with uniquely positioned manpower to enhance the performance of initiatives at work. We facilitate any additional training that you request, and accommodate the employee’s needs as necessary.

HOAP adds the unique perspective of qualified candidates with different abilities (disabilities) to fuel innovation and growth within your organization, without confining you to any employment obligation to program participants.

All professional training and development requested for participants, by your organization, will be provided at no cost (subject to approval).

HOAP provides a “looking period” to evaluate employee performance on the job when considering offering permanent employment to a candidate with a disability.

Participating in HOAP makes a significant impact in the community to serve corporate citizenship goals by providing persons with disabilities world-class work experience that may be used to secure, and build, a rewarding career with any company.

Reasonable Accommodation

Don’t interrogate your employees, as if they’re being accused of committing a crime, when they come forward to request a reasonable accommodation, and identify their disability status. Empower all of your employees with the knowledge, resources, and tools that will enhance their performance to be at their best. Helix Opportunity develops, and manages, effective, and unobtrusive, reasonable accommodation programs that managers, and employees, both, appreciate.

Disability Support Services

You never know what is going on in your employees’ home’s. Many of them care for dependents with disabilities, if not living with a disability themselves. Often times they have questions that deserve to be answered, can desperately use critical resources that will change their lives, for the better, but don’t know who to turn to for those answers, or to obtain those resources.

Helix Opportunity has well established relationships with disability services organizations across the globe. We connect your employees, and their family members with free or low-cost disability services that empower them to champion their own meaningful success, even the meaningful success of their children, such as acquiring a college education at no cost to the employee, or their dependent, with a disability, for instance. (we do not provide assistance, or referral services with respect to Equal Employment Opportunity matters).

Perhaps it’s a support group that a parent would like to join, and share their concerns, or seek professional advice to navigate the complexity of education, employment, or financial services available to them, or a member of their family, as a person with a disability. We connect them with organizations that provide those services, as well, at little to no cost to the employee (dependent upon the organization).

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