Organizational Development

A collaborative, productive, and innovative, workforce values strengths and builds on successes to create an environment where all employees work better together.

Unfortunately, differences equal conflict. Prejudice is an, evolved, adaptive response to protect ourselves from danger! According to Arizona State University researchers in their, “Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,” published study this is because prehistoric human survival was based on group living, when “outsiders” were viewed as, and often were, very real threats.

Humans are, by nature, group-living animals, which enhances our individual survival, leading to a “tribal psychology.” It was adaptive for our ancestors to be attuned to those outside the group who threatened physical security, health or economic resources, and to respond to those different kinds of threats in the most efficient way of eliminating them. 

Unfortunately, evolved psychological tendencies are imperfectly attuned to the existence of dangers. Therefore, people, today, react negatively to outside groups and their members even when they actually pose no realistic threat, at all.

-Arizona State University Researchers-


This is where “Harmony at work” tunes in for organizational development. Helix Opportunity directs employee’s attention towards the common bond that brings them together (i.e. the work), focusing on the strengths, and value, that each individual contributes in their respective roles, so that every employee is appreciated for what they can do, while they learn about what makes each other unique. This organic approach to diversity and inclusion empowers employees with the ownership of communicating their cultural, functional, and any other, preferences to one another, amongst an appreciative, understanding, and open-minded cohort.  

Employees of all different functional abilities, cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives work better together, and everyone thrives, with “Harmony at Work,” through Cooperative Understanding.

Many companies are interested in hiring and maintaining a qualified workforce of skilled employees with disabilities.  The United States Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs requires any company doing business with the Federal Government to maintain a 7% ratio of employees with disabilities, whom must voluntarily self-identify their disability status through a federally standardized questionnaire. 

However, many companies that knowingly engage in targeted recruiting of employees with disabilities are finding out that they are unwilling to voluntarily self-identify their disability status in the “self-identification survey.” 

One major, U.S. based, energy corporation, that engages in such targeted recruiting, had only 44 out of almost 30,000 employees self-identify, through the survey, as having a disability. Many, immediately proclaimed that they weren’t disabled, upset, concerned, and skeptical about the reason why they were being asked to take the survey.   

Why? Employees are uncomfortable, and fearful,  to ask for help, request needed accommodations, and categorize themselves as disabled in deficit-based thinking, problem-solving, corporate cultures. Most managers are conditioned to root out problems and fix, or eliminate, them. Any employee experiencing difficulty performing their assigned work is, or has a problem, that must be fixed, or eliminated. This creates an environment filled with fear. Helix Opportunity eliminates this fear and discomfort by facilitating “Harmony at Work” through Cooperative Understanding.

Diversity is critical to innovation and success. You need employees from all different cultures, backgrounds, perspectives, and functional abilities to thrive in your workforce if you are going to be productive, effective, creative and innovative.

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