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Organizational Development

Differences = conflict. Yet, diversity is critical to success

The secret to diversity, inclusion, and employing persons with the broadest range of differences is cooperative understanding, in an appreciative strengths-minded corporate culture.

More than 1 billion human beings live with a disability. They are among your workforce, however, 75% of all disabilities are invisible. Most employees don’t feel comfortable self-identifying what their disabilities are, and accommodating them looks like special treatment.

Management can find it difficult to believe what they can’t see, further complicating employee relations. The most innovative, and successful companies empower all employees to work better together by focusing on what works and continuously improving the organization to work better for everyone.

Helix Opportunity is the only company on Earth that facilitates diversity and inclusion without unintentionally stigmatizing employees by their differences. Our proprietary methodology and organizational development strategy leverages social psychology, and neuroplasticity to deliver lasting positive change.  

Business Development

Disability community = largest untapped market on Earth

Develop products, and services, physical and virtual environments that profit from the more than $8 trillion consumers with disabilities market by providing meaningful experiences that all of your customers share in together, in the same way.

​The disability community now represents a consumer market as big as China's. But only a handful of companies have figured out how to connect with its more than $1 trillion economy.

Most seem to have no idea. On the other hand, the world's most successful companies have learned the secret. Consumers with disabilities simply want to share in the same meaningful pleasures that everyone else seems to enjoy.

Businesses that accomplish this learn to design with a provocative purpose and an eye to creating meaningful consumer experiences. Helix Opportunity is the only company on Earth with it's own proprietary inclusive design methodology, and business development strategy that delivers scientifically proven results. 

Helix Opportunity is a for profit social enterprise that provides business-related disability services on both the consumer facing side, and the internal workforce front. We develop more than $8 trillion consumer market opportunities for companies interested in meaningfully engaging the global consumers with disabilities demographic. We also facilitate diverse, and inclusive, work environments. 

Helix Opportunity is the only company on Earth that has developed

scientifically proven methodologies to deliver services that are

genuinely impactful. 

Our areas of expertise include (but are not limited to):Business

Development, Design, Customer Service, and Human relations 

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